Dinalva Barros Stylist

Born in Brazil, I attended the Fashion University - FAAP of Sao Paulo, after finding myself organizing fashion shows during fashion week. In 1999 I transferred and 'settled' in Milan. I attended a fashion styling course at the Imagine & Communication. Then followed an apprenticeship with Marie Claire Italy, after which I decided to take the road of becoming a freelance stylist, now I was sure to have the baggage, and the right knowledge. Over the years, working with various national magazines like Vogue Accessory, Numéro Beautè, Ladies & Gents and international magazines such as Blink, Vs & Harper's Bazaar Brazil to name a few. I now work as a Fashion Editor at Large for OOB Magazine based in Paris. I managed to find my identity through a very clean style, although sometimes with some excess granted and wanted, but always remaining refined and elegant. My motto: 'Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist' (Pablo Picasso)

For Stylist inquiries:
Please email me at info@dinalvabarrostylist.com

MKS + 39 349 5300341

MKS + 55 31 992057754